Words Of Wisdom

January 2016

I got the opportunity to meet the great Tony Robbins, author and mentor. I have learned a lot from him.

We all choose whether we want to be happy or not. There are millionaires who have everything including fame, fortune and anything money can buy and yet they are miserable.  An example of this would be the great Robin Williams and his tragic passing.  On the other hand, we know of people who do not have much and are grateful and happy.  Money does not make us happy.  We decide if we want to be happy or not regardless of our condition and surroundings.  Tony calls this a beautiful state.

A state of joy and appreciation for all that is given to us. We are very blessed to live in Canada. A beautiful and peaceful country.  So every time you feel sad, start counting your blessings.  Say a silent thank you to your creator and appreciate all your god given gifts.  Thank you.

With love,

Dr. Soraya