Missing Tooth Replacement

Do you catch yourself dreaming of the perfect smile? Do your missing teeth hold you back from truly enjoying life? Do they embarrass you? Do you feel like people are getting the wrong impression of you because you’re afraid to smile? A good smile can go a long way in landing the next big job or promotion, secure the next big date, and can even impact your ability to make friends. Missing teeth aren’t exactly the keys to a perfect smile unfortunately. However, the world of cosmetic dentistry has you covered! There are a few effective ways to fill in the gaps in your smile, boost your confidence, change your look dramatically, and even improve your life! It seems each year brings more and more people to the cosmetic dentistry industry, all looking to improve their smiles. Believe it or not, replacing missing teeth is one of the most popular procedures. Whether it’s partial dentures, full dentures, or dental implants, your local cosmetic dentist has you covered regardless of budget and oral dilemma. Let’s explore how your Delta dentist can help your replace your missing teeth, how each treatment works, and how to choose the treatment that is right for you.



The most common treatment of missing teeth are shiny new sets of dentures. Two types of dentures exist: partial and complete. Partial dentures are generally defined by replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-coloured base, and connected by metal framework, securing the denture. When one or more teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw, partial dentures are utilized. Complete dentures can be either “conventional” or “immediate”. Conventional dentures are ready for placement in the mouth approximately 8-12 weeks after all teeth have been removed. Immediate dentures are made in advance and can be placed immediately after the teeth have been removed. Complete dentures are called upon when no teeth remain in either the upper or the lower jaw.

Dental Implants

dental implants

If you don’t like the thought of dentures, don’t worry! A more permanent alternative to replacing missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants securely and permanently replacing missing teeth, achieving not only a better smile, but also a healthier mouth. Dental implants are made up of a titanium peg that is placed in the jawbone to simulate the tooth root before a dental crown is then placed over top of the peg to simulate natural tooth structure.

Knowing which treatment is right for you can be a difficult task. It really comes down to cost in the end. Dental implants are a better option for your mouth and require less attention, but are typically quite expensive. If you can absorb the cost, then dental implants are right for you! However, if you want to quickly, effectively, and affordably improve your look and change your life, dentures are also a great option. Discuss your treatment options with your local dental professional for advice on what treatment will be best suited to you. Change your look and live a better life by replacing your missing teeth!