What Can You Eat With Braces?

If you are new to wearing braces, you will notice slight discomfort at first. Don’t worry. The initial discomfort or pain will soon wear off. To help you cope with this soreness in the beginning, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water.

Go for soft food to start off with

For the first few days, it is best to eat soft foods, such as dairy, muffins, pasta, or soft cooked rice. Soft cooked meats and poultry, meatballs or cold meats are also easy to eat while you are getting acquainted with your braces. Fish and seafood without bones, tuna, salmon, crab and crab cakes are all safe. Of course, you can also eat soft breads, soft tortillas, or wraps, or as a treat, some pancakes.

Once you get used to having braces, and the initial discomfort wears off, you must still keep your braces in mind when you choose what to eat. Avoid tough raw, food and certain hard whole wheat breads, or crisp and tough meat. Any of these foods can break teeth, and when you wear braces, they can be damaged too.

Avoid these foods

Eating hard, or sticky foods can cause broken wires or brackets. This can cause pain, and if you fail to notice and have the problem repaired, it will be a setback prolonging the time you have to wear braces.

During your orthodontic treatment, rather avoid hard pizza crusts, or hard bread rolls, nuts and raw carrots. They may damage your braces.

You should also avoid sticky foods such as gum, jellybeans, licorice, gooey caramel chocolate bars, and sticky, or chunky peanut butter because it can pull brackets or wires out of place. These foods can also get caught between the teeth and cause a sticky mess, which could cause tooth decay.

Other foods to watch out for are chips and tacos. These form hard balls on top of your braces, and could be difficult to get off. This could also cause you quite some embarrassment if you are not aware of food stuck to your braces and you smile, or speak to friends.

Take care!

To take good care of your teeth while wearing braces, avoid sugary drinks as they cause tooth decay very easily, and it’s hard to clean properly under braces. Break hard crusts in small pieces if you can’t avoid them. Eat chips one by one, and cut apples into small bite-size pieces. Cut corn off the cob when you eat it.

The worst thing you can do to your braces is chew ice. Please avoid eating ice, or chewing the back of your pen, or even your nails while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. These are easy ways to break wires and get hurt.

You can still have treats

Treat yourself to ice cream, smoothies, or some cake. Also, there is nothing wrong with burgers, loads of cooked veggies, mashed potatoes, eggs, hot dogs and a lot of other good foods. If you can extend your diet changes beyond the time you wear braces, these habits will also help to prevent broken teeth.

The outcome of wearing braces, and its objective, is a beautiful smile and a more confident you, so see it through for a few months. It will be over much faster than you thought. The effort you make will have a lasting effect for the rest of your life, and give you all you need for a confident smile.